100 Days of Code

Pontakorn Paesaeng (@pontakornth)

I give up on this challenge.

I still suffer from burning out. Coding more does not help me. In fact, it hurts me more than I think it will help. I do like coding. But, doing it all time would burn me out too much. ...more

100 Days Of Code Hugo Port

I want to try Hugo a bit. I think using this blog might be better than trying to port Contentful content (pun intended). ...more

Minimal Content Template

Just like I mentioned in previous post, I am "dead inside". I lack motivation to do the project. I need both discipline and motivation. If I lack the former, it will never get published. If I lack the latter, I will make low-effort project just for the sake or completing. I have heard about deliberate practice. It is interesting. I think it may help me a bit in coding. ...more

Algorithm bot (Insertion and merge sort)

I was a bit "dead inside" for 2 days. I am better now. I decided that I should port remaining algorithms to the algorithm bot before searching will be implemented. ...more

Bracket Balancer (Still has a bug)

I almost finish the project except the bug that bug me all time (pun intended). ...more