I give up on this challenge.

I still suffer from burning out. Coding more does not help me. In fact, it hurts me more than I think it will help. I do like coding. But, doing it all time would burn me out too much.

I do this challenge to serve as motivation. However, the motivation without discipline is a dream. The discipline without motivation is suffering. I just want to have a peaceful time. I cannot even go out without risk of getting infected by corona virus. If I get infected, I might need to say goodbye to my family. I won't die. But, one of my family will to likely to die if I get infected. I cannot disclose further detail.

I will enjoy other form of entertainment for now. I want to sit down and watch movie, game walkthrought, documentary or read some articles. I don't know that when I can get my "normal" life back. I may have to stay in "new normal" life for the rest of my life unless I move out of Thailand. Whether I will live to 80 years old or somehow die in my 20 - 30.

Most projects will be postponed. I will stop doing some projects. I also have other things to do in my life such as preparing to go abroad in far future. I hope that I will be alive to accomplish my dream.