Minimal Content Template

Just like I mentioned in previous post, I am "dead inside". I lack motivation to do the project. I need both discipline and motivation. If I lack the former, it will never get published. If I lack the latter, I will make low-effort project just for the sake or completing. I have heard about deliberate practice. It is interesting. I think it may help me a bit in coding.

This project is more like a template for digital gardening. It likes a blog but no strict chronological order. I think I can try different stack such as Hugo there. Actually, I want to port my content on my personal blog on Hugo. I don't want to rely on Contentful much. But at least, my repo will not be clogged with markdowm files. I should figure out how to do my repository without content clogging.

I practice some basic stuffs about CSS here. For example, if you want your margin to have value "auto" on the left and right but not on top and bottom. You can define solo "margin" with auto then set left and right margin on lines below.