100 Days of Code

Pontakorn Paesaeng (@pontakornth)

Bracket Balancer Visualizer (WIP)

I did not complete the project because I started it really late this day. This is a part of data structure and algorithm learning. This project focused on an abstract data structure called stack. ...more

Sort Visualizer but it is a Discord bot

You expect another web but it was me. Kono Discord Bot Da!! ...more

Sort Visualizer but in Preact

This is the same project I created using vanilla js two day ago. However, I add more algorithm and make length customization. ...more

Sort Visualizer with Vanilla JS

After the previous project that only has insertion sort, I created a visualizer with 3 alogrithms. ...more

Insertion Sort Visualized

I am back now. After tiring examination, the exam finished me before I finish the exam. So, I think I might try something I familiar but with a twist. ...more