100 Days Of Code Hugo Port

I want to try Hugo a bit. I think using this blog might be better than trying to port Contentful content (pun intended).

This time I try more minimal design. I use table tag because it makes more sense than div. Also, I haven't complete it yet. I don't think I can port the whole blog there soon.

I have to learn about Hugo template system. I think it's quite powerful.nei It has a "intuitive" template such as single template and list template. It also has built-in taxonomy system such as tags and categories. I don't have to get a headache with GraphQL query because it's so powerful. I can use frontmatter to categorize things. Hugo also supports 3 formats of frontmatter namely JSON, YAML, and TOML.

I still hate how the documentation is a bit outdatedta In the homepage session, they show Pages instead of RegularPages. Go template is confusing if you don't have Go background. It also looks ugly for me. My favorite template engine is Pug. It saved me lots of keystroke. Unfortunately, there is no such support or alternatives in Hugo.

Even it has flaws, I like Hugo for its power. I hope I can port the rest of my blog in Hugo as well.